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dal 25-06-2005
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Il Webring dei GdR gratuiti italiani

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What is GUS?

G.U.S. (Italian acronym of Universal Experimental Rpg) is a rule for Rpg born to be: light, easy, fast, personalizable and adaptable for every setting; moreover the concision of the rules helps a diceless approach and the roleplay, but it is also quite adaptable for a dicefull approach. All these features are important for a specific aim: the experimentation.

With experimentation we refer to both the research of new settings, uniting together different styles and genres, and the research of new game methods: like narrative approaches, masterless, onecharacter etc.

Another important point of this rules concerns characters' creation that requires very short time (from 5 to 10 minutes) and gives much freedom to the player; this aspect is very important to nimbly deal with different styles and types of game.

These are the aim and the reason of our rules.

posted by: TheKeeper saturday 5 july 2003
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  • All the rules in only two pages.

Note of the translator: we'll appreciate corrections about this translation. So thank you for every collaboration that can make it better.